Houston…We have a Raccoon rescue!

April 27, 2010

Houston…We have a rescue! After meeting with the nuisance abatement officer and visualizing the thought of having Mama Anna the Raccoon snared and dragged down out of the ceiling (assuming she didn’t chew off anybody’s arm), I decided to take the wait and see approach to rescue the newborn raccoon kits.  Hopefully, Mama Anna would get hungry enough to wander into to the live trap for a smelly fish treat.

Unfortunately, sometimes the best plans don’t work.  This morning one of our student tenants called to inform me Mama Anna had apparently pushed through a screen window in the storage room and gotten outside in an attempt to get into the trash cans. As deduced from the muddy little hand prints on the lid of the trash cans.  I told him to shut the window and perhaps we could keep Mama Anna outside.

This afternoon, while visiting the property, Mama Anna and I came face to face behind the house as she tried to get back inside to her kits.  Knowing the coast was clear inside, me and several of the SEMO Students managed to remove many of the ceiling tiles and tear out a small part of the garage ceiling to locate the kits, which we could hear crying somewhere in the soffit, but could not locate.

As the excitement grew… finally reaching up and over the soffit and down into a small cavity, I could feel the warm fuzzy bodies of four raccoon kits, which we managed to safely remove.  You should have heard the oohs and aahs.  They are quite cute you know!  As I watched the students admire the little ringed tail critters, I glanced back into my kitchen, which now resembled a blast area with pieces of insulation, wood, and ceiling  strewn about the floor.

From there to our good friend and veterinarian, Dr. Ann Seabaugh, who out of the goodness of her heart will care for, feed, and nurture these little kits to a size where they can be trained to survive in the wild on their own.  The world is lucky to have such people as Dr. Ann!

So the saga of Mama Anna and the little raccoon kits end for now, but we will have photos as they grow in the next few weeks and months.  And grow they will!

For all you wanna-be landlords and current landlords, you better keep an eye open for a sad, wandering mama Raccoon.  Sometimes being a better landlord takes a big heart.

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