The Occasional Friend

May 11, 2010

It is not uncommon at all for landlords to receive calls from tenants asking if it would be okay for a good friend to live with them for a while.  This is especially true with college students during summer months, when a student tenant might decide to go home or vacation for the summer and logically looks for someone to help defray the rent and utility expenses.

Seems like a simple request…right?  Well, in a nutshell it is subleasing, which is common in many areas, especially major cities.  One of the problems for landlords is the tenant doing the subleasing is normally not as concerned about your property as you might be.  Many tenants who sublease and take off are also under the impression the tenant who subleases from them is not their problem….wrong!

Tenants who sublease to others may  find themselves responsible for their original lease agreement and liable for damages or debts incurred by their subleasing tenant.

I recommend landlords do not permit subleasing.  If a landlord does decide to permit the occasional friend, we recommend a complete tenant application process to ensure the new tenant meets your requirements.  If approved, we recommend the original lease be amended to add the new tenant for a specific period of time.  this practice allows landlords to control tenant approval and ensure all tenants are subject to the rules and requirements of their lease agreements.

More information about tenant screening and leases can be found in my new eBook, “So You Want to Be A Better Landlord”, which may be purchased for $8.95 at  All profits from my book will be donated to charity.

As an update to our little furry raccoons, I have added some new photos of the fab four engaged in tree climbing 101.

tree climbing 101

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