When I retired several years ago form a career in law enforcement, I embarked upon a journey into construction, flipping houses, remodeling, real estate investing, and some other entrepreneurial side roads, all of which taught me the value of mentoring and helping others.

To this end, last winter I decided to put some of my experience and knowledge into a book for other landlords to use in building their rental property businesses.  As I stumbled along the path with my MS Word manuscript, I soon found myself in another world filled with book publishers anxious to take my check for their highly inflated literary services.  Being the businessman that I am, I did the unthinkable…I started my own publishing company – http://www.moxiepublishing.com.

In May 2010, http://www.moxiepublishing.com will publish our first eBook, “So You Want To Be A Better Landlord.”

Moxie publishing is not just for my books, but for other authors interested in seeing their literary dreams come true.  Join us on the journey.

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