Moxie Publishing to Feature eBook “The Traveling Golfer”

August 28, 2010

For golfers who like to take their games on the road, there is always the quest to pick the best courses; ensure they have all the needed golf equipment….especially the rainsuit, and have a great time.

After forty years of playing golf around the world, I am preparing to publish a new eBook for those who enjoy golf and travel.  “The Traveling Golfer” is scheduled to be released in January 2011 as an eBook through Moxie Publishing (

The Traveling Golfer will provide readers with tips, ideas, and strategies for making golf travel simple and fun.  Issues ranging from rental clubs, currency exchange and golf course selection to the proper international electrical plug adapter will be included.

The Traveling Golfer will also be available to all clients of Irish Golf Vacations (

Jan 2011 - New eBook - The Traveling Golfer by Rick Hetzel

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