For golfers who like to take their games on the road, there is always the quest to pick the best courses; ensure they have all the needed golf equipment….especially the rainsuit, and have a great time.

After forty years of playing golf around the world, I am preparing to publish a new eBook for those who enjoy golf and travel.  “The Traveling Golfer” is scheduled to be released in January 2011 as an eBook through Moxie Publishing (

The Traveling Golfer will provide readers with tips, ideas, and strategies for making golf travel simple and fun.  Issues ranging from rental clubs, currency exchange and golf course selection to the proper international electrical plug adapter will be included.

The Traveling Golfer will also be available to all clients of Irish Golf Vacations (

Jan 2011 - New eBook - The Traveling Golfer by Rick Hetzel

One of the questions many landlords face each year is who is actually responsible for pest control at your properties.  Seems like when spring time rolls around each year, we start seeing the first signs of ants and other insects around our properties.

Our company policy is to provide pest control services for all of our properties twice each year.  As long as the properties are kept clean by the tenants, this usually does the trick.  Providing pest control services for your properties is also a great opportunity to observe the general condition of your properties to see if they are being properly cleaned and maintained by the tenants.  We generally try to have a company representative accompany vendors when they are working at our properties, especially if the tenant is not home.  This is just good policy and protection for you, your tenants and the vendors.

But, what about those instances where a tenant calls and tells you they have ants everywhere.  Or, there are roaches in the kitchen.  Most landlords know when this occurs, there is normally a reason related to tenant behavior involved.  In most cases, we find food has been left exposed in the kitchen or other rooms, or the cooking area has not been properly cleaned after use.  Trying to be good, responsive landlords, we never argue or debate who is at fault when the call is received, but make sure the problem is first resolved.  Afterward, we discuss with the tenant the possible causes of the insect infestation and who is or will be responsible for costs.  We also make sure the tenant is provided with information about how to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

My new eBook, “So You Want To be A Better Landlord” contains more about working with vendors and tenants.  Available this month at

RACCOON UPDATE:  Our four little raccoons are now 3 weeks old and look like real raccoons.  Dr. Ann just sent me a recent photos of how the little girls (3) and guy) are doing.  Check it out!